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D McGrath Limited T/A WLS Taekwondo

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We are a traditional martial arts club offering classes in all levels of genuine Taekwondo. Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and we offer family and children's training.


Taekwondo is an amazing thing to do


It offers all the normal benefits of sport - fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and also self-defence.

It also instils a discipline and a code of ethics that is unique in a martial art form. You will learn self-control and develop a positive mental attitude.

These codes and ethics are good characteristics to help develop you for the future.

And it does not matter how old, or what size and shape you are.

Most importantly of all you will have lots of fun.


New beginners classes are now available and your first lesson is completely free of charge, so why not come down and try us out! Our classes offer affordable training with family discounts available.

Give us a call or request some more information, I guarantee you will be glad you did!


Declan McGrath. 6th Dan International Taekwondo Federation Instructor


Join now and receive; FREE Training suit, FREE Martial Arts Insurance, FREE Grading Booklet & FREE Membership Card with enrolment!

Call 07885 819469 or click here to arrange your first FREE no obligation trial lesson.

Where to find WLS Taekwondo

The martial art became formally recognised in 1955 with the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) being formed in 1966.

Taekwondo can be described simply as a version of unarmed combat designed for self defence. Translated literally 'Tae' means to kick or smash with the foot. ' Kwon' is to destroy with the hand or fist. 'Do' means an art or way.


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Taekwondo is a Korean self defence martial art. It was introduced to the world by General Choi Hong-Hi who is the father and founder of Taekwondo.

Our training takes place in the West London & Slough Areas. Please click on the training times page for more location info and class times.