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These rebreakable padded smash boards are perfect for inspiring confidence when training to punch and kick solid objects. Unlike traditional boards they can be put back together to be used again and again. Easy to wipe clean before and after use.

Intermediate board (Red): Recommended for those who are progressing in their training and have developed some strength and confidence with hitting solid objects. Ideal for demos and gradings. Dimensions: 33.5cm x 25cm. 1.6cm thick.

Advanced board (Black): Recommended only for very advanced adults. For those who would like to develop their strength further before moving onto the non-padded, standard smash boards. Dimensions: 28.5cm x 28.5cm. 2cm thick.

Padded Break/Smash Boards

  • Breaker boards with foam padding. Various strengths from yellow (easiest) to black (hardest). * Padded on both sides for extra protection. * Lock and snap together boards to be rebroken * Each colour represents a different level of difficulty. Colours: Yellow, Red, Blue, Black. The Yellow board is equivalent to a pine board of 0.25" thickness - blue boards 0.5", red 0.75", and black 1.0" thick. Please make sure you enter your name and WLS ID in the instructions to merchant section when you make your payment through the PayPal checkout.
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